The 5 Day Full Immersion Retreat Experience - The Magida Method (TM)

In this transformative 5 day luxury retreat you will get to join us and 10 other women just like you on a journey of healing…to share our stories and gain peace and clarity in what happened to us…

And most of all to heal.

You see, I’ve found from my years of healing, there were three main keys to shifting my behaviours and patterns that were installed as a child as a result of the abuse…

And I’ve used these three keys when working with all my women to produce miraculous results!

“Because once you have these three keys in your toolkit, they stay with you forever and create a new more resourceful woman that can cope with life much much easier than before…”

The three keys are…

  1. Understanding – because without first understanding why things are the way they are, you will continue to blame yourself and struggle to move on and find peace in what happened.
  2.  Awareness – because all change and transformation must start with a certain level of awareness. And without the right kind of awareness the patterns and behaviours will stay and the cycle continues.
  3. Resources – because life happens and will co tonite to happen so you need to be fully resourced up with all the best tools to help you remain at peace and be less and less triggered by what life throws out.

Our retreats for 2020 are as follows:
Melbourne: February 12 – 16th
Cairns: March (dates TBC)
Sydney: April (dates TBC)
Brisbane: May (dates TBC)

I look forward to connecting with you sister 🙏💖🙏

Love and light,
Magida E.

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