The Attuned Woman Movement

For Women Who Lead

The subtle yet profound art of leading like a woman, not a man.

For women in leadership positions who are ready to do away with societal norms and expectations, to lead like a woman and claim their innate feminine birthright!
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The Attuned Woman Movement

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For Women Who Lead

Here you will learn the subtle yet profound art of leading like a woman not a man!

For women in leadership positions who are ready to do away with societal norms and expectations, to lead like a woman and claim their innate feminine birthright!

This is a Pandemic of The Square Peg in a Round Hole!
Dear sister, as a fellow professional and corporate woman in this society, I have struggled with a pandemic of a different kind…
The kind of pandemic where we have been forced to fit a square peg into a round hole…navigating a male dominated work force that was not designed with us in mind!
This is leading to unprecedented numbers of women ending up with chronic illnesses such as burnout, anxiety, immune disorders and menstrual-womb dysfunctions. 
It was recently reported that 33% of corporate women are experiencing severe cases of illness* from the age of 30 and above. 
We begin to feel boxed in, lose our sense of self, become hard in order to feel respected and ‘equal’ and sucked into the high pressure, high stress environments.
Then, we find ourselves morphing into this tough, competitive and ego-driven world where everyone is just trying to ‘one up’ each other – which just leaves us in a constant state of survival mode – always looking over our shoulder and protecting our back… 
Not to mention the added pressure of being the partner, wife, mum, running the household, doing the finances and juggling all the things!
And all this is leading us into major burnout and complete breakdowns.
Where are YOU in amongst all this?
This is happening to women in our society because the traditional workforce is completely ignoring our innate gifts as a woman and the invisible barriers we face.
The workforce was built on the masculine hormonal cycle of sunrise to sunset and the 24 hour cycle… but as women we function on a 28 day cycle, so this creates a huge misalignment within our mind, body and soul.
As women, I believe we need to come back to our innate body wisdom in order to achieve a more balanced and sustainable success in our careers…
To reclaim our birthright as creative, intuitive beings and come back to a healthier balance of the thinking mind and our body wisdom.
The time has come to bring the balance back and to demand a workforce that allows women to thrive in their role as leaders…to lead as a woman, not a man!
To demand a workforce that supports the distinct different work style and abilities of both our men and women.
If this resonates deeply,  and you’d like to be a more influential female leader without working harder, sacrificing more or being too masculine – I invite you join the Attuned Woman Experience.
Or if you are not quite sure where to start you can reach out to me directly via live messenger chat here.
I look forward to connecting with you soon, Magida xx
Kind Words from our Clients
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About Me - Magida Ezzat

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Hello, I’m Magida Ezzat—an advocate for women to break away from generational programming and societal indoctrinations.

My ultimate passion is to help women break the toxic patterns passed down from our ancestors, from society and all the unrealistic expectations placed upon us!

But this journey isn’t just about ending the patterns – it’s about holding space in a very gentle way and guiding you back to your own wholeness, self acceptance and ultimately self sovereignty in your feminine birthright as a woman.

With strong background corporate, business and several mindset and healing modalities, I’ve developed a powerful toolkit grounded in evidence-based and trauma-informed methods to deliver a nurturing environment where your growth and healing journey can truly flourish.

In terms of my specific qualifications – I’ve delved deeply into the world of NLP, hypnotherapy, trauma-informed breathwork and embraced all forms of somatic and embodied healing plus a 15 year corporate career in business, entrepreneurship and marketing (M. Marketing, B. Business Info Systems).

Beyond this, I have been more recently honing my innate talents in energy and intuitive practices.

It is this entire symphony of knowledge that I bring into every space I am a part of.

I offer those who join us a gentle and welcoming space where you can be seen, held and supported as you navigate your chosen path.

Because you deserve to flourish. And I will advocate for you. For a better system. For a better way!

I hope you will join us sister. Magida xx

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